Now Win Those Hard-to-Get Grants With Smart Marketing Techniques

With more of us seeking limited funds, winning competitive grants demands smarter marketing.

In this all-day interactive workshop recorded live in 1981, John L. Gann, Jr., shows agencies and non-profits how to get an edge in winning the awards from the most demanding funders.

In addition to grants marketing techniques, he’ll take you through skill-building exercises, and you’ll hear how grant-seekers like you responded. Both John and participants show how these responses could be improved, and John answers participants’ questions you might have asked.

Plus the tips have been applicable to diverse funding programs over the years. So information you’ll get won’t be obsolete when programs or funders change.

Do You Know All This?

Start out with John’s True-or-False quiz. Then hear what more you need to know to better attract funding you need.

The two important ways your job is one of selling.

The Number One failing of grant proposals

Nine-word question on what a proposal must do

Why not to talk about your agency’s needs

Why you must to select the right geography

Make testimonials work harder

When to use—and avoid using—graphics

How to substantiate your need for funding

More Things You'll Hear

Proposal writing problems to avoid

What to include that funders do not ask for

Why you must distinguish means from ends

How to boost your credibility with the funder

A good proposal is not enough. Why?

Program goals should always be…what?

How a little research can pay off—one client discovered it had a high ranking it never knew about

Approach single funder or multiple sources?

Why not to approach funders hat in hand

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