A New Kind of Hybrid Beats High Gas Prices

"The days of inexpensive gasoline," admitted a car company exec, "are gone." Other authorities agree: high pump prices aren't going away.

But the new mini cars are cramped and less safe. Today's hybrid and electric cars are expensive. And cheaper energy technologies are years away.

But there's a solution we've overlooked. It's the subject of Hybrid Neighborhoods, the CarpeHoram ("Seize the Hour") mini-book readable in just an hour.

The Affordable Hybrids

Living in a Hybrid Neighborhood, says John Gann, is like driving a hybrid car. You save gas by burning it only when you need to and not all the time.

A hybrid car makes that possible with an electric motor. Hybrid Neighborhoods (HNs) do the same thing by putting places closer together.

Money for Kids' College

They're areas overlooked in favor of places depend-
ent on something that no longer exists: cheap gas.

Walking or driving shorter distances, HN residents burn gas only when they need to, not all the time. And money saved on gas goes toward the kids' college, retirement, or a dream vacation or home.

So with high oil prices—and bloated home prices in most suburbs--HNs are a smart choice.

Faster, Easier Reading

Busy people need information more than ever. But most don't have time to read 200-page books. And 80% of their value is in just 20% of their pages.

So CarpeHoram boils things down to under 40 pages readable in about an hour. User-friendly formatting make CarpeHoram reading easier than book reading.

Here's What You'll Know

*9 ways to save money living in HNs (p. 26).

*Hybrid cars' real mileage may surprise you--p. 3.

*HN homes can be good investments--p. 22

*Fears of crime can be misleading: p. 16.

*Are good schools only in the suburbs? Page 17.

*2006 $77k home sold in 2707 for $300K (p. 23).

*15 benefits of life in HNs: page 26.

*Are you paying a 31% “sales tax”? See page 26.

*More time for the family: impossible? See p. 29.

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