John L. Gann, Jr., "Make Motor Row More Than Entertainment District,"Chicago Tribune, March 17, 2013, Section 2, p. 7.

Chicago's historic Motor Row should be repositioned as an entertainment and marketing center focused on the automobile.

John L. Gann, Jr., "What the Detroit Bankruptcy Means for Our Communities," Cities & Villages (Ohio Municipal League), September-October, 2013, p. 11.

Many Ohio cities share the loss of jobs, population, and tax revenues that produced Detroit's bankruptcy. The root cause was that Detroit didn't sell as a business or residential location. John's point is illustrated by a page selling one city's urban neighborhoods to home buyers.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Instead of Fencing In Workers, Milwaukee Should Sell Its Attributes," Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, July 21, 2013, p.1J.

Requiring city government workers to live in the city sends a bad message. When those who know a city best prefer its suburbs, cities have failed in marketing.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Cities Grow People,"Cedar Rapids (IA) Gazette, June 24, 2013, p. 5A.

New college graduates who expect families choose suburban living, with older cities considered undesirable for children. Yet many urban neighborhoods are better for kids.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Upstate Cities Should Steer Clear of Detroit's Marketing Mistakes," Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard, September 15, 2013, p. E1.

Lee Iacocca revived Chrysler Corporation with his imaginative reinvention and marketing. Troubled Detroit also needs cost-conscious reinvention and marketing.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Pain at the Gas Pump: Best Opportunity for Cities in 50 Years," Municipal Maryland (Maryland Municipal League), Feb., 2008, p. 5.

Older neighborhoods are a solution to high gas prices while offering other benefits. But because of outdated perceptions, these advantages must be marketed.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Sounding Out the Market for In-Town Living,"
(2 articles) Illinois Municipal Review, June, 2005, p. 9, and July, 2005, p. 9.

Out-of-favor neighborhoods can be marketed to home buyers. Ads show one way.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Walkable Neighborhoods: A Key to Longer Life?" Planning & Zoning News, (Planning & Zoning Center) June, 2003, p. 14.

Seniors living in neighborhoods with close-to-home places to walk had longer lives, says recent research. Walkability trumped factors more strongly associated with health. We are rediscovering the value of walkable environments.

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