2. John prepared one of the first manuals on the CD Block Grant program and started a grants newsletter.

3. John wrote the first manual on evaluating community marketing programs.

4. He developed a user-friendly alternative to books.

5. He opened and staffed a metro agency's first liaison offices in neglected inner-ring suburbs.

6. John developed four-code zoning for a large city, staffing a city hall office for three years.

7. John prepared the only manual to help car hobbyists deal with regulations by marketing.

8. His Wall Street Journal piece may be the most read analysis of the Wal-Mart/Main Street issue.

9. He got clients their first foundation grants.

10. He initiated columns for two business publications.

11. His community marketing seminar was the first ever offered publicly.

Different Evaluations

The smartest decision on hiring a consultant that this City has ever made.

Philip S. Phillips, Law Director, Zanesville, OH

He doesn’t talk like a planner, nor does he think like one. He...proposes stuff that might just work.

Dave Richardson, Editor, Barberton (OH) Herald

This office received several calls complimenting your workshop. Your session rated as one of the highest.

Lisa Dooley, West Virginia Municipal League

…the most competent and responsive consultant with whom I have associated.

William Taylor, Kincaid, Cultice & Geyer

Many attendees commented on how valuable they found the material presented.

Dr. Norman Walzer, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs

The best analysis of the economic prospects for college towns that I’ve seen.

Gerard Badler, Managing Director, Campus Continuum

I have repeatedly heard board members ... quote ... from your presentation...Even some of my hard-to-please board members have used your presentation as a motivation for redefining our goals....

Jamie Licko, Director, Cedar Rapids Downtown District

[Your] excellent presentation ... won rave reviews from the large crowd attending.

Gary Koch, Illinois Municipal League

A super book...Highly recommended.

John T. Reed, national real estate author and investor

Very inspiring. You gave us a lot of good ideas we will be able to use to improve the way we do business.

Debra Abdalian-Thompson, President,
Eight-Sheet Outdoor Advertising Association

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