A "Junk Car" Law could shut down your home car hobby tomorrow

And where you live--even in a rural area--it's likely already on the books.

Even if you've never seen it enforced, a code could shut down your home-based restoration, kit car, or hot rod hobby.

Under many laws, no unlicensed or inoperative vehicle may be parked in the open at your home-even far from the road on a big spread. All it may take is someone new in the area who doesn't care to see a dismantled car.

And you're not safe if your town does not have such a law. Today--without your knowing--even small towns adopt them.

Thousands of Dollars

These laws almost never distinguish between real junk and a legitimate hobby conducted responsibly.

They force hobbyists to move their cars, make some afraid to buy another. Some end all activities and sell their vehicles. Many lose thousands of dollars of value their work would have added.

Others risk a three-figure fine each day the car's on their lot. Many abort what could become a prize-winning piece of history.

Now it doesn't have to happen. You don't always have to go to court or pay thousands to a lawyer.

Never-Before Help

Because of a new manual: How to Prevent Junk Car Laws from Shutting Down Your Home Car Hobby. Written by an insider zoning expert.

This 74-page softcover manual shows how to win not by litigation but by persuasion. You'll learn how codes work. And what to do without spending a lot.

"Provides excellent pointers and background for dealing with local zoning officials."

Peter Phillips AICP, car restorer and city planner

"Gann's Junk Car Law Guide is as valuable a resource as is available for safeguarding our rights as hobbyists, providing practical wisdom and real world solutions."

Rory Carroll, Hagerty Insurance

"This is really ground-breaking subject matter...no one else is writing this sort of material!"

The Buick Bugle, Mar., 2007 Buick Club of America

"Do order John's book."

Jack Down, veteran hobbyist and President, CARZ

"We applaud John Gann Jr. for writing this 'manual' to assist...hobbyists in fighting laws which seek to limit what you can and cannot do with your old car."

Mopar Collector's Guide

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