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Communities can find as many as 420 new economic opportunities other places overlook by using O-R-L and PV2 to guide their thinking and action programs.

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Most tourist promotions look alike and miss opportunities to pull in sales, jobs, and tax revenues. Gann discusses with examples why it pays to market communities and not just attractions. He reviews how special interest tourism can help even the smallest towns compete, weaknesses of the big tourist towns other communities can exploit, and how it can even help to have a sense of humor.

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Why communities often don't market themselves and seven things they can accomplish when they do.

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Economic and population decline in Upstate New York mean "The Other New York" has failed to sell itself. And the best place to start selling the region is Downstate.

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Marketing communities can be unappealing to many local officials, but marketing can bring in development and tax base that a town could but wouldn’t automatically win. Communities do well to develop and market a competitive advantage.

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Many municipal Web sites intended to market cities and towns for growth fall short because they overlook twelve practices marketing pros pay close attention to.

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