Marketing Tools:
Breaking Them Down
Can Pump Them Up

This in-depth interactive mini-seminar is a must for leaders of small towns that want to compete for economic growth. And it’s especially valuable for places of any size that need to make their brochures and other marketing more effective.

Trends John Gann cites show non-metro small towns could become the economic growth successes the suburbs were over the past 50 years--if they deal with two drawbacks not shared with the suburbs. But both can be overcome with marketing.

What Works, What Doesn't . . . Page by Page

Since more towns have tourist brochures than do any other kind of marketing, John takes you page-by-page through a typical real-world example. He shows how to make brochures, videos, ads, or Web sites work harder for you.

With input from his audience, John shows what the brochure does right and the many ways it falls short. He reveals 12 laws that can improve any brochure or other marketing tool used by a community of any size or location.

John discloses how Marketing Smarter means taking a lesson from little kids; how to make photos more effective in selling; and what a national news magazine recommended as better than "more sex."

Know More Than the Brochure Pros

He also shows when referring prospects to your Web site can be pointless, why "do-it-yourself marketing" doesn't work. He covers information content, word choice, organization, photos, typography, Web site referrals. His bottom line: think through your marketing before carrying it out.

You've probably never seen a marketing piece evaluated and marked up for improvement in such intricate detail. But when you do, you'll know more about good marketing than the people who did most of the brochures and other marketing pieces you’re competing with.

21st Century Opportunities to Market Non-Metro Communities for Economic Development, 67-minute address by John L. Gann, Jr., on DVD, 2005, $99.95

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