A Different Road to Tourism Success: ROUTE 21

Today even the smallest and least--known places are spending lots of money going after the sales, jobs, and tax revenues tourists make possible.

But despite competition, most tourist offices are doing that without the marketing smarts they need. So in their brochures, advertising, signs, and websites, their message doesn't get out the way it needs to.

The Rest of Us places without huge staffs and marketing budgets have a harder job. So they need a different road to success: ROUTE 21.

The road map is presented in

Tourist Marketing for the Rest of Us: How Lesser-Known Places Can Get Better Results With Smaller Budgets by John L. Gann, Jr.


ROUTE 21--Rest Of Us Toursm Expertise for the 21st Century--is based not on what tourist offices do but on what the best marketers in business do.

Because they have a harder job, Rest of Us places need to know how to skillfully use advertising, brochures, photographs, branding, slogans, logos, and maps. John shows you how by deconstructing examples that work and those that don't.

He'll save you money while improving results. And he presents--in user-friendly "bite-size" pieces--how-to ideas suggested by research and by the best marketers in business.

You'll use ROUTE 21 to do better work in house or more expertly select and evaluate contractors.

What They Say About John

"I can't remember ever thinking 'Hey, this guy really knows what he's talking about' until this." Ron Simoncini, President, Axiom Communications, Secaucus, NJ

"Gann draws from his extensive professional experience and provides straight-forward advice...he confronts and contradicts conventional wisdom, providing a unique perspective....this is certainly the definitive resource...." Dr. Michael John Dougherty, West Virginia University

Things You'll Know

When you go over this manual, you'll know what many of your peers do not.

Tourist Marketing for the Rest of Us Cover

How tourist marketers give the most attention to the factors that are the least important--p. 5.

Twelve keys to a more effective website--p. 15.

Two super-awful ads deconstructed--pp. 21-22.

Ten reasons logos don't work for tourism--p. 38.

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