Selling the Unsellable by Thinking Small

Lessons from the greatest marketing achievement of the 20th century

It was a new product that faced ten daunting challenges to its marketing. No one thought this backward "not worth a damn" product would sell.

But thanks to highly unconventional Think Small marketing, an "unsellable" product succeeded--to the point of becoming the all-time best seller.

Now Thinking Small in marketing an be used by any business, city, down-town, or organization with something to sell and obstacles to its marketing.

Greatest Marketing Success

In Marketing Thinking Small, by John L. Gann, Jr., you 'll find three things you won't find anywhere else.

1. What Made the Unsellable Sell

The most detailed analysis in print of what made possible the greatest marketing success of the 20th century--selling a seemably unsellable product.

2. How to Bring Back Detroit

How to bring back Detroit and other older cities suggested by this unique success story.

3. Marketing for the Rest of Us

How other cities, small businesses, and nonprofits can apply this success to other tough marketing jobs, overcome public dislike of marketing, and extend the benefits of Thinking Small even further.

Here are some new things you'll know.

Think Small Cover

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