John L. Gann, Jr., "A New Market for College Towns,"Ithaca (NY) Times, Oct. 9, 2013, p. 6.

While college towns are focused on students, alumni are a promising but underdeveloped resource for their economic development.

John L. Gann, Jr., “Higher Education” Ithaca (NY) Times, August 5, 2009, p. 8.

Interviewed about his research on college towns, Dr. Blake Gumprecht reflects mixed feelings about the potential of their economic development efforts. Isolated college towns, he concludes do not offer the best potential for research parks. But “lifestyle migrants” can be drawn to college towns.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Why College Towns Need Economic Develop-ment," Grove City (PA) Allied News, December 10, 2008, p. A6.

Since colleges turn away most of the people who want to become their customers, college towns have not been inclined to market themselves. Their economies could benefit from diversification, just as industrial towns had to recast themselves.

John L. Gann, Jr., "New Challenges for College Towns," Davis (CA) Enterprise, Oct. 2, 2011, p. A17.

Being bundled with the choice of a college, college towns have seldom had to market themselves to grow jobs and tax revenues. But funding cuts, tuition increases, a weaker job market for graduates, and distance learning could change the economic picture.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Rethinking College Towns,", December 22, 2011.

Trends in higher education suggest college towns will need to reinvent themselves. There are ways to do so, but complacency from years of prosperity is an obstacle.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Ithaca Redefined: A Hope for Upstate," Ithaca (NY) Times, Dec. 23, 2008, p. 4.

Cornell University’s Ithaca home has been an island of prosperity in economically lagging Upstate New York. By more fully exploiting its advantages beyond the economy of its campus, Ithaca might become an economic development model for its region.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Growing Jobs and Tax Revenues in Ohio College Towns," Cities & Villages, (Ohio Municipal League), September-October, 2011, p. 15.

Diversification in college towns can alleviate the problem of high taxes or tight budgets. Some Ohio places have shown the initiative needed.

John L. Gann, Jr., "NYC Lands Cornell 2.0; Can Upstate Learn a Lesson?" Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard, January 8, 2012, p. E1.

Why did other places not bid for the New York City Cornell tech campus? Students, faculty, and start-ups could do better Upstate, but the city’s initiative made it prevail.

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