Now small towns and their businesses can tap a
little-used source of jobs, sales, and tax revenue

It's the highway. Not the four-lane cloverleafed Interstates but those older two-lane workhorses--the UNterstates!

Interstate Highways made towns on older highways invisible, devastating many of their businesses.

But now our best older roads and their communities and businesses can win traffic back. Because Interstates are no longer the best way to travel.

Many older roads, Gann shows, offer good transportation--better than Interstates, often better than flying.

Small towns and businesses along them that sell this idea to the traveling public can boost sales, property values, and tax receipts. This manual shows you how to do it.

Growth for the Rest of Us

UNterstate Highways offer--at last--economic development for the rest of us.

It's for those places that stagnated while interchange areas created by the Interstate Highways boomed. And it's for the places that don't have what it takes to attract industry or become a tourist destination.

So now there's Marketing UNterstate Highways: Bringing Out-of-Town Dollars to Non-Destination Small Towns, the how-to manual for the rest of us.

It presents details on how to bring traffic, sales, jobs, and tax revenues your way. All in a convenient 78-page manual in a new "green" paper-saving format equal in content to a book of 200-300 pages.

Here's What You'll Know

Why UNterstate marketing can be better than industrial or tourist promotion--p. 3.

Five not-so-smart reasons we use the Interstates--4.

Why for some roads scenic/historic byway designation and marketing are a huge mistake--p. 16.

Going by air is usually no faster than driving--27.

Your own private highway--a fantasy come true: 42.

20 reasons to do an UNterstate program: p. 5.

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