"I don't believe that I have ever read a more thorough, comprehensive and understandable dissertation on how to plan and put together an effective marketing campaign for an economic development organization."

Ronald J. Starner, General Manager, Conway Data, Atlanta, Georgia

"Even someone like me, who does [advertising] all the time, can learn a lot from the structure, analysis and information you provide. I have read what a ton of people...recommend...but I can't remember ever thinking, 'Hey this guy really knows what he's talking about' until this."

Ron Simoncini, President, Axiom Communications, Secaucus, NJ

"Just wish I could have a few days with the speaker....Logical,
down-to-earth, very worthwhile."

Mary Ellen Futransky, Director, Tourism Department,
City of Mount Vernon, IL

"As an ex-ad manager, I found the presentation fantastic! In one hour John wrapped up what took me years to fully learn. My notes contain some great ideas that I will take home."

Judith Iverson, Executive Director,
Garrison (ND) Area Improvement Association

"Wish it was possible for our entire city officials and staff to have been here! Extremely interesting and thought provoking."

Harold Fogelmark, Commissioner, City of East Peoria, IL

"Speaker was very interesting, knowledgeable, entertaining and thought provoking. One of the best speakers that I've heard."

Christine Hoffman, Downtown Development Specialist,
City of Watertown, NY

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