Selected Articles on Older City Marketing and Development

Older cities and neighborhoods still have great value even though newer suburbs get most of the attention. But they need, John Gann says, to sell themselves better. For copies of any articles ($4 each for S/H), call or fax toll-free (800) 762-4266.

John L. Gann, Jr., Hybrid Neighborhoods. Glen Ellyn: Carpe Horam, 2007. (866) 61-HORAM, $9.95.

Like driving a hybrid car, living in an urban neighborhood saves on gas, fights global warming, and promotes weight control. This 38-page softcover mini-book readable in an hour details benefits and counters misconceptions about city living.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Selling the Old Neighborhood," Economic Development Review, Fall, 2001, p.91.

Residential neighborhoods are rarely marketed to home buyers. Gann Associates showed an industrial city how out-of-favor neighborhoods might be sold to buyers to boost property values and attract higher-income residents.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Save the Planet: Live in a City," Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard, May 25, 2008, p. E1.

Cheap gas and salesmanship sent families to the suburbs for 50 years. But now city living is a better way to save on costly fuel, with cities now the "green" places to live.

John L. Gann Jr., "South Side Should Tap Music to Draw Business," Chicago Sun-Times, Sunday, June 10, 2012, p. 26A.

Chicago’s South Side could combat economic invisibility by developing its musical heritage to become the Nashville of Soul, the Branson of Blues.

John L. Gann Jr., "Substance, Not Style Needed," Chicago Tribune, Sunday, May 27, 2012, Section 2, p. 3.

Contrary to the advice of metropolitan planners, Chicago’s South Side will not be brought back through beautification. Resources should be devoted to management practices that attract sales and customers.

John L. Gann, Jr., "Selling in the Slump: Rediscovering Undersold Homes in 'Hybrid' Neighborhoods," Arizona Realtor Online, Jan., 2008, 6.

Older neighborhood homes are an opportunity for Realtors with better value and hard-to-find amenities. But they need to be sold.

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