2. Training Services

At Cornell he developed and led local leader decision-making workshops. He’s since developed full-day seminars in multiple cities on grants, community marketing, sign control, and zoning.

3. Conference Presentations

He’s done presentations for:

New York State Conference of Mayors, National Association of Home Builders, Wisconsin City Management Assn., National Sporting Goods Assn., Economic Development Assn. of North Dakota, Pennsylvania State Assn. of Boroughs, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, Eight-Sheet Outdoor Advertising Assn., Michigan Boating Industries Assn., W. Virginia Municipal League.

4. Widely Published Ideas

He has “given back” with numerous articles. He’s been interviewed or quoted in Reason, Chicago Tribune, Planning, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and National Public Radio and appeared in Wall Street Journal, Urban Land, Real Estate Today, Public Management, Zoning News, Chicago Tribune.

5. Books and Manuals

Starting with Cornell University manuals, he's gotten national attention for first-of-their-kind manuals:

Marketing Big...by Thinking Small

Successful Smaller Downtowns & Business Districts

The Third Lifetime Place: A New Economic Opportunity for College Towns

Marketing UNterstate Highways

How to Evaluate (and Improve) Your Community’s Marketing

The Downtown Message

Hybrid Neighborhoods: Where to Live Now to Spend Less at the Pump

Triple Real Estate Value by Marketing Zoning Changes

How to Prevent Junk Car Laws from Shutting Down Your Home Car Hobby.

6. Recorded Training

He offers DVD and CD training sessions.

Different Results

“Want to start something?” John’s become an entrepreneur of ideas, not a caretaker of what exists.

1. New Ideas

Many have heard about his think-different ideas.

Hybrid Neighborhoods
Living in urban neighborhoods combats high gas prices.

The Third Lifetime Place
College towns can grow marketing non-academic benefits.

UNterstate Highways
Rural towns can market advantages of their highways.

Win-Win Regulation
A win-win approach can reduce land use conflict.

Market Street Program
Activities are the key to downtown revival.

Learning from Wal-Mart
Downtowns can learn from the world’s largest retailer.

2. New Programs

1. John created and headed a new city-county agency, ran a consultant’s first branch office, did one of the first computerized zoning codes.

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