Better Ideas on Video for Growing Sales, Jobs, & Tax Revenues

If you missed John Gann's not-just-another-conference-speech presentations to the New York State Conference of Mayors, Illinois Municipal League, Wisconsin City/County Management Association, National Association of Home Builders, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, National Sporting Goods Association, Economic Development Association of North Dakota--or his seminars--it's not too late to benefit from new ideas. DVDs now bring a select few to you without the time or expense of state and national conferences.

For Jobs and Tax Revenues,
You Have to Do Marketing Right

Today communities, like businesses, have customers and competitors. So to do better economically they must market themselves--individually, not just through regional agencies, to any source of revenue growth and job creation.

But for job-creating, tax base-enhancing marketing today, says John Gann, you'll do best to reverse the strategy used by many economic development programs.

Most Communities’ "Branding" Flops

John will show you why the brochures, ads, and videos that you most like are the very ones you should avoid. With concrete examples, he and his audience demonstrate how most places' "branding" tag lines flunk Slogans 101.

He entertainingly illustrates marketing practice with T-bone steaks, court houses, Amish golfers, $50 potatoes, VW Beetles, and "The City of Paved Streets."

Hear how advertising sold a simple hot dog as something special. You’ll also hear about marketing a town that offered no incentive programs. And you’ll see a revealing low-cost makeover of a small industrial recruitment ad.

John will explain how to make even negatives work for you. He'll show you who got great results from simple, low-budget advertising (you'll recognize the name).

Now see what places wanting economic growth have done to market themselves--and how you can do better--in this professionally-recorded presentation.

The Best Way to Market Your Community, 55-minute address by John L. Gann, Jr., on DVD, 2000, $99.95

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