Better Ideas on Video for Older Business Areas

Revive by Studying Success

John Gann gives three reasons why "solutions" for older business areas have failed. He then urges a little-practiced alternative: Study Success. Shopping malls boomed because they did 10 things right. He shows why parking is not the big problem, why "Buy Local" doesn't work, and why a business area needs a USP.

What Works in Retail Area Revival, 75-minute address by John L. Gann, Jr., on DVD, 1988, $99.95

The New Way to Revive Downtown

Three women hold the key to the downtown strategy that learns from the past. They show what successful business areas have always done. John describes you the “A-word” key to revival. He outlines 4 things to look for in enhancements and discloses the most advantageous "street furniture" to put on downtown streets.

A New Era for Downtown Programs, 33-minute address by John L. Gann, Jr., on DVD, 2004, $49.95

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Note: Initially recorded by clients for their own use, speeches are not always up to professional video standards. You may encounter brief minor lapses in sound or visuals. Most will not find they impair the usefulness of the message, but please bear this in mind when you order.