Special Situations Need Special Marketing

Older Urban Neighborhoods

Decline in sound older city and suburban residential neighborhoods can conceal their valuable 21st century advantages as "Hybrid Neighborhoods."

Tourist Towns

Smaller places need ROUTE21 marketing to compete for tourist revenues.

Bypassed Rural Hamlets

Today "UNterstate Highways"can be marketed as better-than-ever transportation and bring traffic and sales back to areas bypassed by the Interstates.

Older Business Areas

"Main Street" design remedies for down-
towns areas have failed. Activity-based Market Street measures look to successful principles of business to revive older areas.

College Towns

College towns will be economically challenged by high costs and distance learning. But they can also be great places for retirees, working families, or others if they market themselves as a Third Lifetime Place.

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Older Business Areas articles or

College Towns articles.

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