Get Better Results from Your "Silent Salespeople"

You've paid your marketing pieces to boost sales, jobs, or tax base. But are they working hard enough?

Your ad, website, brochure, video, or direct mail package can reach more people with your marketing message at lower cost than anything else you do.

They're your “Silent Salespeople,” as critical to jobs or tax receipts as any of your other workers.

They can bring businesses, tourists, shoppers, retirees, and new residents to cities, counties, commercial areas, and their businesses. If you want growth, marketing's the most important thing you can do.

Good Management

Every good manager does performance reviews of staff. Not because they are falling short but because reviewing workers is good management.

That’s a good reason to include Silent Salespeople in performance review: to make the good even better.

Marketing places is competitive. Everyone does websites, brochures, social media. So now we have to be better and, with tight budgets, get more for less.

The Guy Who “Wrote the Book”

Now you can benefit from a Silent Salesperson Performance Review (SSPR) of your marketing pieces to help you get more from these valuable tools.

It’s done by the guy who “wrote the book” on evaluating places' marketing: John Gann. You may have read his How to Evaluate (and Improve) Your Community’s Marketing (originally published by International City/ County Management Assn.): the only work on the subject.

Or you’ve seen one of his articles in economic development and municipal league publications or heard his conference presentations.

John’s also the author of Tourist Marketing for the Rest of Us, Marketing Thinking Small, and Selling City Living.

A Practical, Credible Review

John will not do a review based on artistic criteria that have little to do with results.

Instead he’ll assess how well your materials follow rules for producing action since the most visually or verbally stunning pieces can be the least effective. He’ll look at your graphics, mechanics, and message.

And your SSPR will be unbiased. We're not an ad agency, so we don't get commissions from advertising media. There’s no conflict of interest. We do just as well no matter how much media you buy.

For more on SSPR, please click here.