Multiply Real Estate Value by Marketing Zoning Changes

Seeking the zoning that makes best use of your property and multiply its value can be intimidating.

But now--skipping the theory of zoning and legal accounts of court decisions--John Gann boils it all down for an audience of builders. There are 11 things you have to know to take the best action.

Getting better zoning, John explains, seldom hangs on points of law. It's a job for marketing.

A Checklist

So use John’s pointers as a checklist:

The “sleeper” approval few property owners seek

How to deal with “spot zoning”

Never say “highest and best use”

Be wary of The Invisible Ordinance.

Win-Win Regulation

John L. Gann, Jr., has prepared land use codes for Cleveland and other cities. His Win-Win Regulation approach seeks to make codes work for the public and property owners through innovative provisions.

He’s spoken and published extensively on zoning, developed two full-day seminars, and done regular regulation columns in two national trade magazines.

Trained and credentialed as a city planner, he‘s spent years as staff and consultant to government. So it’s like tax advice from a guy who worked for the IRS.

If you're serious about the value better zoning makes possible, ask about John's manual, The Small Investor's Guide to Tripling Real Estate Value by Marketing Zoning Changes. Nationally-known real estate investor/author John T. Reed called it "a super book...Highly recommended."

Many who pay top dollar for property already zoned for its best use or downsize their plans can do better.

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