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Marketing is not just what you say. It's also what you do.

Zoning, sign, design, home business, or other regulations can inadvertently pose obstacles to growth. Making rules more business- and family-friendly reinforces the marketing message that you want growth in sales, jobs, and tax receipts.

Undervalued Places

A place's success can be impaired, for example, by underutilized and undervalued real estate. That can be remedied by marketing better zoning to local officials.

And Win-Win measures can be marketed as alternatives to economically troublesome new urbanism, junk car, or sign codes.

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Learn from Win-Win articles published in The Wall Street Journal, Public Management, Economic Development Journal, Real Estate Today, CarlsonReport, Signs of the Times, Michigan Realtor, and elsewhere on:

Sign regulation
New Urbanism
Land use control and zoning.


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