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A small city found a way to achieve greater control of "mobile homes" with legally supportable standards.

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An editor skeptical of planners supports Gann's regulatory proposals.

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"Junk car" laws often bar car restoration hobbies in residential areas. One city's rules regulate restorable vehicles differently from junk.

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Problem-solving incentive provisions have worked in several cities.

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Once a development like a shopping center is built, it's not free of zoning problems. There are 7 possible problems and 4 things to do about them.

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A city council working with Gann Associates carefully revamps its zoning, both tightening and relaxing its rules.

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Zoning limitations that hold back overlooked properties can be overcome by seeking the right approval, knowing the property, skillful marketing, dealing with protests, and even picking the right presenter.

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Hard-to-use codes benefit no one. They can be made simpler without becoming weaker.

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Zoning for Value-Added Land Use (VALU) brings both private and pubic benefits if pursued by Realtors where regulations are outdated or local officials aren't fully aware of their consequences.

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