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Message Cover

The Downtown Message

A manual on how to sell more downtown using its Physical & Marketing Environments

College Towns Cover

The Third Lifetime Place: A New Economic Opportunity for College Towns

A manual on threats to college town economies and how towns can add economic functions.

Hybrid Neighborhoods

A mini-book to publicize advantages of urban living.

How to Evaluate and Improve Your Community's Marketing

An illustrated guide from the International City/County Management Association.

Cities of Villages

A way to grow diminished older cities by marketing their neighborhoods.

UNterstate Highways Cover

Marketing UNterstate Highways: Bringing Out-of-Town Dollars to Non-Destination Small Towns

A manual on how bypassed towns can boost their economies.

Selling City Living Cover

Selling City Living: How Cities Can Compete With the Suburbs for Growth

A manual for older cities to fight population decline.

Tourist Marketing Cover

Tourist Marketing for the Rest of Us: How Lesser-Known Places Can Get Better Results With Smaller Budgets

A manual describing a ROUTE 21 guide to competing for tourism jobs and tax revenues.

Think Small Cover

Marketing Big... by Thinking Small

A manual on how to sell "unsellable"cities or products based on a company that did it.

Triple Real Estate Value by Marketing Zoning Changes

A non-legalistic manual on how to market zoning changes to grow the value of real estate.

Win-Win Regulation

Rethinking the form and substance of land use regulations can change the win-lose character that makes them controversial.

Selling on the Street

Better information on displaying and regulating commercial signs.

Success Downtown Cover

Successful Smaller Downtowns
& Business Districts

How to bring business into business area programs.

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