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Message Cover

The Downtown Message

A manual on how to sell more downtown using its
Physical "&" Marketing Environments

College Towns Cover

The Third Lifetime Place:
A New Economic Oppor-
tunity for College Towns

A manual on threats to college town economies and how towns can add economic functions.

What Works in Retail Area Development

A DVD advising older business districts to study success.

How to Evaluate and Improve Your Community's Marketing

An illustrated guide to community marketing from the International City/County Management Association.

Marketing UNterstate Highways Cover

Marketing UNterstate Highways: Bringing Out-of-Town Dollars to Non-Destination Small Towns

A manual on how bypassed towns can boost their economies.

Selling City Living Cover

Selling City Living How Cities Can Compete With the Suburbs for Growth

A manual for older cities to fight population decline.

Hybrid Neighborhoods

A mini-book to publicize advantages of urban living.

How to Prevent Junk Car Laws from Shutting Down Your Home Car Hobby

How to deal with codes barring classic car restoration.

Think Small Cover

Marketing Big...
by Thinking Small

A manual on how to sell "unsellable"cities or products based on the story of a company that did it.

Real Estate Value Cover

Triple Real Estate Value by Marketing Zoning Changes

A non-legalistic manual on how to market zoning changes to grow the value of real estate.

Successful Downtowns Cover

Successful Smaller Downtowns
& Business Districts

How to bring business into business area programs.

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