Special Training from Gann Associates

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Marketing to Win Grant Funds

A CD of a full-day seminar on marketing to win grants.

Silent Salesperson Performance Review (SSPR)

A custom review of your marketing piece showing how it can work harder, save money. Let the guy who "wrote the book" on evaluating community marketing show you how.

MarketPLACE Bulletins

Two-page discussions and illustrations of special subjects in community marketing.

The Best Way to Market Your Community

Best Way to Market Your Community Cover

A DVD of a 55-minute conference presentation on how to be more effective in branding or marketing.

21st Century Opportunities to Market Non-Metro Communities for Economic Development

Market Non-Metro Communities Cover

A DVD showing what one town's brochure does well or poorly.

Community Marketing: 4 Ways to Do It Better

A DVD of a presentation with questions every place needs to ask to do marketing better.

A New Era for Downtown Programs

Three women hold the key to reviving downtown by learning from the past instead of just repeating it (DVD).

Bonnevilles, Bunkers, & Beetles

A CD on an alternative to trendy but problematic "New Urban" planning.

Marketing to Win Zoning Approvals

A CD of a business conference presentation on how to market zoning changes to local officials.

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